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Padoq builds white-labelled digital solutions. Our platform integrates with your existing software to create applications that increase user engagement and deliver actionable data insights. Padoq solutions power Property Managers, Retailers, Distributed Workforces and Membership Organisations.

What We Do

Specialist digital solutions for an increasingly mobile world

Our Platform enables rapid development and integration of business and consumer applications. We have particular expertise in four industry segments.


Padoq solutions create tenant engagement, informed by data insights. If you are a property manager, build-to-rent provider or a landlord our white labelled solutions can build tenant loyalty, improve your building's operations and increase your return on investment. We integrate with existing technology and business processes to optimise your costs.

Distributed Workforce

Padoq supports organisations that have distributed, or hybrid, workforces to manage their availability, integrate with the organisation's existing systems, build community networks to support each other, and communicate securely on a 1-2-1 or 1-2-many basis.

Membership Organisations

Padoq builds branded community engagement platforms for sports clubs, alumni networks and professional membership organisations. The Padoq platform can be used to manage your community, organise events, and manage subscriptions within a secure environment.


Padoq's platform enables retailers to rapidly build consumer applications that are integrate with their existing backend systems to deliver rich search capability, present special offers, and transact using popular headless and other e-commerce platforms.


Rapid Development & Integration.

Padoq is a highly configurable, scalable and secure platform that integrates seamlessly with our client's existing systems. We deliver solutions at speed and with a high return on investment (ROI) on your technology spend.

Configuration Ease

A mobile-first approach and ability to  customise pre-built features and branding. The average time to develop a Padoq ‘out of the box’ solution is 6 weeks.

Secure & Scalable

An enterprise grade platform, supporting mobile and web applications with regular upgrades to features and functionality.

Seamless Integration

Padoq’s Integration as a Service (iPaaS) capability connects to existing systems, databases, ERP, CRM and marketing platforms and minimises change to internal processes.


Pre-built Platform Functionality

Padoq's pre-built functionality is the starting point for building any solution.

Document Storage

Engagement / Discussion

Events / Attendance

Payments / Subscriptions

Information Collection

Booking Calendars

Reviews Polls

Private Chat

Content Automation

Personal Organisation

Problem Solving

Customer Response

Reporting / Analytics

Loyalty Schemes

Promotions / Competitions

What Our Clients Say

Padoq’s team have a real can-do attitude, a passion for their product and an aspirational viewpoint to make their platform do the most it can for VITA.
Director of Technology
VITA/Select Property Group

Just Some Of The Clients We Are Proud To Work With

About Us

Who Is Padoq?

Our industry leading platform powers great digital solutions. We have proven, scalable and secure technology.

We build and maintain your service so you can focus on accelerating your product roadmap and on the activities that that create most value in your business. Think of us as your extended technology team and platform.

We are Manchester-based with a global capability and vision!

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