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Five ways that BTR building management companies can improve their green credentials

Incorporating sustainability and environmental responsibility into every aspect of managing a build-to-rent (BTR) premises not only plays a part in making a difference to the planet, it can also be a real differentiation point for potential tenants and the communities that grow from successful BTR properties.

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Five ways that a tenant engagement platform can save landlords money

There are a wide range of operational costs associated with managing rented properties on any scale, so every landlord wants to minimise these where possible.

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Build-to-rent tenant experience platforms: increasing property management ROI

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Seven must-have features for your property management platform in 2022

Any property manager or landlord who handles multiple tenancies may well benefit from using a specialist property management platform. Helping with record keeping, admin and communication are just some of the plus points of using this kind of solution to help manage properties

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Five key benefits of a tenant engagement app for landlords and property managers

Landlords and property managers who need to communicate and deal with large numbers of tenants on a regular basis have to contend with a number of different challenges in order to do this effectively.

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Six ways that smart tenant data and insights can reduce your building portfolio’s carbon footprint

Everyone needs to play a part in combatting climate change and landlords are no exception. Understanding the environmental impact of your building portfolio as things currently stand and taking steps to make improvements will form part of the UK’s target of net zero by 2050....

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