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Our Solutions

Attract, seamlessly onboard, engage with and retain tenants, manage properties more efficiently and utilise data insights for increased profitability; all within one digital platform that is tailored precisely to the functionality you need.

We deliver cross-platform solutions, across mobile and web, that are entirely flexible and customisable to your requirements, whilst also being cost-effective and extremely quick to build and deploy.

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Building Management

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Adaptable and Flexible Technology

“We were really impressed with the eagerness from Padoq to really get the most out of the platform for Vita Student. The team have a can-do attitude, a passion for the product and an aspirational viewpoint to make the product do the most it can for us. Everyone really believes in what Padoq is and has a real passion for it.”

Technology Director
Vita Student

Building Management


From a management point of view, there are often legacy processes in place that are disconnected and time-consuming to administrate, which makes it even harder to deliver a great tenant experience consistently and is inefficient in terms of resources.

Whether you are a BTR, PBSA or commercial property manager, our property management software for landlords and building managers can help you:

  • Streamline multiple admin processes
  • Drive new revenue streams
  • Increase Net Operating Income
Building Operations System
Management Dashboard (see Analytics)
Visitor and Permit Management
IoT Integrations (see Integrations)
Issue Reporting and Resolution

Tenant Engagement


Tenant acquisition and retention is highly competitive in the current market. The way we live is evolving but tenant experience is often found to be lagging behind; all at a time when a sense of community and being connected to others is more important than ever.

Tenants expect to be able to smoothly manage interactions and admin in relation to their living accommodation and lifestyle instantly and digitally, wherever they are, but often find that things such as reporting issues, collecting mail and booking rooms or services doesn’t live up to the frictionless experience they want. Deploying our tenant engagement app and portal instantly provides the solution to this.

Tenant Management System
Data & Insights (see Analytics)
Visitor and Parcel Management
Energy Management
Issue Reporting and Resolution
Event & Parking Managing

Data Insights


Along with the tenant engagement and property management tools offered by our platform, our solution can also provide smart insights to landlords and property managers about their tenants and activity that can help shape future tenant engagement strategy, inform decisions and provide even better services, as well as helping make cost efficiencies.

These datasets can include:

  • Understanding when and for how long tenants use specific facilities – from car parking and built-in EV charging facilities to occupancy sensors that can help reduce energy use
  • Types of tenant issues logged and frequency to help detect any patterns
  • Response/Resolution times for building personnel so you can monitor SLA targets
  • Highlighting opportunities for monetisation through partners, advertisements and promotions
ESG and Sustainability
Analytics Dashboard
Digital Touchpoint Insights
Issue Resolution Analysis
Survey & Poll
Facility Use Review



The Padoq Platform plugs right into your existing systems, CRMs, databases and processes for a truly transformational but simplified digital experience.

  • Link to a CRM to improve audience interactions and ensure a complete and accurate picture of your business and customers
  • Link to a ERP to enhance organisational efficiency and resource management
  • Link to a marketing solution to automate delivery of personalised and relevant content, in addition to accessing useful and valuable data
  • Connect to SMART technology

Applications can be integrated with any number of 3rd party or in-house resources through secure APIs in the Padoq Gateway, making our property management app and portal a highly flexible solution that can be precisely tailored to your requirements.

Why is Padoq the Flexible Choice?

Unlike other solutions in the marketplace, the Padoq platform provides infinite choice.

  • Don't pay for functionality or add ons that you don't need -our pricing model matches your cost recognition model
  • We can suggest integrations that match your requirements, connect your existing systems or you can propose your own. If you don't want to integrate anything, that's fine too!
  • We offer the choice of hosting environment - we can provide a full host, service and maintenance package, or you can host it yourself.

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Have we piqued your interest? If you have questions about the platform, features, or just need any help, please get in touch with us, and one of our team will be able to help you.

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